It is firmly established that a happy and healthy workforce is productive, motivated and energized. What is not so easy is ensuring that a workforce remains healthy and happy.

This involves an understanding of many complex factors, trust, time and persistence. Above all it requires a commitment to providing employees with services that they really need. It means vowing to a true recognition that employees give an organisation its main edge in a competitive environment. It means embracing constant change. What worked for employees today might not work tomorrow. It means appreciating diversity and having the flexibility to offer a range of services and approaches to health and well-being.

A true and committed investment in the wellbeing of employees will not only benefit the employees as individuals, but will contribute towards the growth and success of any business. I have many years experience working with a wide range of organisations in the City of London and in Europe to build a happy, confident and healthy workforce. I have witnessed the results on productivity.

Through my experience, I can now identify when an organisation is truly committed to improving the health and well-being of its workforce. I only work with these organisations. Anything less than an honest commitment is a waste of money, time and energy. At this point in time, I sense the workforce in London is at a turning point. It is demanding changes, often as a result of burn-out. Organisations that provide this change will attract a dedicated workforce and retain their talent.

I offer informed insights, honesty and commitment to support organisations to understand, design and implement creative and flexible workplace health and mental health strategies that appeal to a diverse ever-changing workforce.

Please contact me if you are ready for an honest and informed approach to workplace well-being.

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